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The Team Concept

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There is a great article in the Tennessean today about the Titans coming together as a team.  I think sometimes we overlook the importance of this fact.  Last season you were always hearing stories about a divided locker room.  This season the coaching staff took the team away to camp for the first time in years.  That helped this team come together in a way that would not have been possible if camp was here.  You cannot argue with the results.

Another factor in all this is the free agents Floyd Reese brought in during the offseason.  He brought in some stand-up veteran guys that have provided the leadership this team had been missing.  Guys like Thornton, Hope and Mawae have had impact on this team that doesn't just show up on the stat sheet.  They are all guys that have been on successful teams and could talk to this team about winning.  Sometimes guys really do have to learn how to win.  This team was so young last year that they didn't really have a feel for what it took to be successful at this level.  The impact these new veterans have had on this team is, as Master Card would say, is priceless.

The final key to this turn around is the winning itself.  Winning cures a lot of things.  There are always going to be disagreements on a team whether they be coach to coach, player to coach, player to player or within the front office.  Those issues get blown out of proportion when the team loses.  When the team is winning these people are a whole lot more likely to sit down and have a reasonable discussion.

This afternoon we will have some predictions for this game and games around the league.