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Players Only Meeting

Before I get to the topic mentioned in the title I have a couple of updates.  It appears Chow is still on the list at ASU and Stanford is expected to add him to their list as well.  Chow is just trying to stay on the middle ground right now:

"It is flattering to be mentioned for jobs," Chow said. "But I have a job right now that I am happy with."
I like what he said there.  It is so stupid when coaches vehemently deny they are interested in a job and then end up taking it.  If Chow gets the right offer he will bolt.  Who could blame him?  He is 60 years old and was an offensive coordinator for about 30 years.  I hope he stays for VY's sake though.

LenDale White is still battling a hip flexor injury and now has the flu.  It is unlikely at this point that he will play on Sunday.  That will give Chris Brown his shot to get some carries.  He, like Chow, is saying all the right things:

"All it can do is help you out, show you can still play," Brown said.  "I feel I still can play, still can start in this league, so I'm going to give it everything I've got. ... I'm real fresh, I feel like my legs are real good and moving fast so I'm going to be real excited to see."
His legs are obviously fresh because he hasn't been on the field in 6 weeks.  I hear what Brown is saying but I think what he really means is, "I can't wait for this season to get over so I can get out of here."

Terry McCormick mentions in this morning's Titans Thursday in the City Paper that things really turned around when the Titans had a players only meeting after the loss to the Cowboys.

Safety Lamont Thompson said the change all harkened back to the day the players took it upon themselves to be more accountable. Some of that was brought out in a players-only meeting after the embarrassing loss at Dallas, a 45-14 thumping that also included the Albert Haynesworth stomping incident.

"It's easy to say that [winning has changed everything]," Thompson said. "Everybody is just doing their part. Everybody is holding on to that accountability factor. We're just coming together as a team and playing better."

Isn't it funny that teams always have a big rally after players only meetings?  I think next season the Titans should just have a players only meeting right before the season starts and then they will go 16-0.  Seriously though, it is a good sign for these guys that at least someone on the club has the leadership to pull everyone together and get them back on track.  This team has been lacking that for a couple of years.  McNair was here but he wasn't on the field much in those 2 years so it hurt his leadership ability.  Things are looking better and better for 2007.