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Tuesday Morning Notes

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The Titans have been pretty lucky this year in the injury department (knock on wood).  They have suffered very few serious injuries to big time guys.  The only injuries from Sunday's game are to LenDale White who is still slowed by a hip flexor and Adam Jones has a shin contusion.  Both will be limited in practice early in the week.  Jones will most likely play because he suffered the injury in the 1st half on Sunday and came back to play while White did not see any action in the 2nd half.  White will probably be listed as questionable and Jones as probable.

It's official.  Norm Chow has been contacted by both NC State and Arizona State.  No interviews have been scheduled to this point.  Chow also might be interested in the Stanford job which opened up over the weekend.  Chow has been down this road many times before.  There is really no reason to have any serious discussions about it at this point.  If he does leave I say the Titans should hire the offensive coordinator from Texas.  I don't even know his name but I think he should come here and put the spread offense in.  (that is partially a joke)

The Colts and Titans game from Sunday will be featured on NFL Replay on the NFL Network Wednesday night at 7.  This is the 3rd or 4th game the Titans have had on NFL Reply which is a 90 minute recap/replay that features the 2 best games from Sunday.  If you don't have the NFL Network you better get it before the NFL moves all of the games there.

In the above linked article it does say that David Thornton's shoulder has apparently healed enough so that he can return to being a starter.  This is good for the Titans defense because Thornton is a solid tackler and has a nose for the ball.  The bad news is it will more than likely send rookie MLB Stephen Tulloch back to the bench.  I think the Titans should continue to play Tulloch to get him ready for next year.  He has showed the ability to make some big plays and has more physical tools than Peter Sirmon.  The one thing Sirmon has going for him is that he is extremely smart and knows the system very well.  He is never out of position but seems to be a step slow in making some plays.  It will be better for the Titans in the long run to keep Tulloch on the field as much as possible.

Paul Kuharsky has an interesting column/article today about the grading system the Titans use while watching film.  It is a good read from Captain Sunshine.

This afternoon we will have 5 questions with the Houston Chronicle's John McClain.  I promise this time because I already have the questions answered in my email.  I am moving the Around the NFL post until Wednesday afternoon because some of the Power Rankings don't update until late on Tuesday.