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5 Questions with John McClain

Well I promised 5 questions with The Houston Chronicle's John McClain last time and I did not deliver.  This time I am delivering.

1.  How is Mario Williams playing so far?  Will he ever be able to be known as anything besides the player that was taken before Reggie Bush and VY?

The Texans have lost their two starting tackles for the season, which hasn't helped take the pressure off Williams. But he's steadily improved. He's been playing with a painful foot injury, plantar faciiatius, a disease of overuse and misuse that affects the arch. At 6-7, 295, he requires a lot of attention. What he's done doesn't always show up in the statistics. He gets double-teamed most of the time. He's just 21, and he's still learning. Fans in Houston have pretty much gotten over taking Williams over Bush. Now Williams over Vince Young, that's a different story.

2.  Who are the Texans fans more upset the organization passed on, VY or Bush?

Young by far. Even though the Texans have doubled last year's win total and doubled last year's win total on the road, fans are infuriated at David Carr and want him gone. It's going to get ugly Sunday because Young is going to get a standing ovation. A lot of Texans fans are going to show their disgust with Carr by cheering Young.

3.  How much did the Texans know about Domanick Davis's knee when they decided not to take Bush?

They were told by their doctors that Double D was healthy, that his knee injury that required surgery in December was fine. But on the first day of camp, he suffered a different knee injury. I don't think he'll ever play again, and running back is a huge need going into the offseason.

4.  Is David Carr a good NFL QB?  How much of the problems are him and how much are other circumstances (bad o-line, sub par skill players, etc.)

In three of his first four years, he was sacked more than any quarterback in the league. This season, they bolstered the line, but three starters, including both tackles, have been lost for the season since the season began. Carr has an inconsistent running game. Fans blame him for everything.

5.  How far away are the Texans from being able to compete in the AFC South?

The Texans swept Jacksonville. I think they need two more good offseasons before they're a wild card contender. That means it would be the 2008 season before they'll be legit.

I think it is really interesting that the Texan fans have moved from being upset they didn't take Bush to being upset about Young.

Thanks to John McClain for doing this.  It is always interesting to get a preview on the opposing team from someone who really knows that team.