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Monday Afternoon Quotes

We will get to the quotes in a minute.  I forgot to mention Ahmard Hall in my recap.  I really like that guy.  Floyd Reese should get some credit for signing him.  He seems to give the offense a spark whenever he is on the field.  He had a nice run on a screen pass yesterday and I nice run on a fullback dive.  Plus you have got to root for him because he was in the Marines.  Anyone who gives their time to protect freedom is a hero in my book.

Now for the quotes.

R-R-R-Rob Bironas on the game winning 60 yard field goal:

"It felt great," said Bironas.  "I wouldn't be doing this job if I didn't want to be put in this situation."

Chris Hope on the kick:

"I was probably one of the only ones who didn't look at it,'' safety Chris Hope said. "I just wanted to let the crowd tell me what happened.''

Keith Bulluck on the success of this young team:

"All you have to do is get baby sharks to taste blood and they will sink their teeth in,'' linebacker Keith Bulluck said.  "We are a young team and a lot of guys don't know what it takes to win in this league -- or they didn't know what it takes. Guys are finding out. Now it's getting to the point where we're expecting to win games like this.''

VY on the team:

"I just get tired of people talking (bad) about us,'' Young said. "When you have people saying we are the worst team in the league, you get tired of hearing that, especially when you know you are a good team. ... Everyone is working together and continues to believe and fights until there is no time on the clock.''

Thornton on feeling bad the Colts didn't clinch the division yesterday:

"I know they had those AFC South championship hats ready to put on,'' linebacker David Thornton said with a smile. "It didn't happen today.''

Hope on the team still playing hard:

"It is hard to find a team this late in the season with little chance of making the playoffs to come out and compete as hard as we do, and that is what we're doing,'' Hope said.  "At this point in the season you'll find guys worrying about shipping their cars back home, guys with children, trying to get them back in school in hometowns, focusing on everything but football. But this team has continued to work and keep a positive attitude. And we're finding ways to win games.''

Fisher on the decision to kick the field goal:

"You can take that chance with no timeouts left," Fisher said.

Hentrich on lobbying to Fisher to kick:

"I was begging," Hentrich said. "Rob was begging a little bit but I was begging more. ... I knew he could get it there. It's whether or not it's on line, and it was right down the middle."

Fisher on his contract situation:

"We have had no discussions regarding my future,'' Fisher said. "I am enjoying what I am doing and I am going to assume things are going to work out. But nothing has been talked about.''

Steve Underwood on Fisher's contract:

"We deny (the report) strongly. It is just not true. We have not offered Jeff an extension,'' Underwood said. "We have told Jeff consistently we are going to talk about it after the season, and that is what we plan to do.''

Dungy on the loss:

"It doesn't feel very good," Dungy said. "We made some fundamental errors and didn't do some things we needed to do.  I thought Tennessee played very well, and they took the game from us."
Peter Sirmon on the defensive game plan:
"It's a tough way to play because you just try to bleed them until they make a mistake or you get a third down," Sirmon said. "It's a frustrating way to play because you're giving up yards and you're giving up 5- and 6-yard rushes.  But it's just a matter of making the play when the opportunity comes. I think it's about as well as you can do. They're going to make their big plays. They're always going to get one or two."

Reynaldo Hill on the plan:

"Coming in to the game, we were going to disguise a lot of stuff and be real physical on the outside," Hill said. "Coaches stressed it all week, 'You and Adam have got to be really physical with these guys in the outside, and when they don't block you, make the play.' I didn't get blocked on that play, and I came up and made the play."

Bulluck on the game plan:

"You can't stop the Colts; you can only try to slow them down and contain them," Bulluck said. "And I think we did a good job of that."

Fisher on Adam's heroic return after being carted off:

"He was in a great deal of pain,'' Titans Coach Jeff Fisher said. "He is going to be sore for several days, but the X-rays were negative. If you have ever been kicked in the shin ...  "He came back and said he was fine. He was begging to go back on offense and begging to return kicks."

Chris Hope on the offensive pass intereference call:

"I keep getting involved in some of the biggest pass interference calls in football, dating back to the Super Bowl," said Hope.  "I made a great play on the quarterback's first read, he scrambles and creates more time to pass the ball, and then the guy clearly pushes me off."

Travis Henry on his performance:

"They have small guys up front and they play a cover-2 so we knew we were going to be able to run the ball against them," Henry said. "In the first game we were able to run the ball on them, so coming into this game we took the same game plan."

Peyton Manning on the forward lateral (in a whinning voice):

"I wanted to score a touchdown," Manning said. "There were some guys open short, underneath, that I was afraid they would tackle and be short. I just kind of saw the run, thought I had a shot at the end zone but they collapsed. I saw Addai and I desperately wanted to get a touchdown."

Bulluck on the win:

"Peyton's been so hard on us the last few years," Bulluck said. "I have no sympathy, none at all. They are going to be in the playoffs and we're not. But it's good to go against the block bully and kick his (butt)."

Brad at Stampede Blue still can't give the Titans the credit they earned yesterday. Go over there and tell him what you think.