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The No Brainer of 2006

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Jeff Fisher will be the coach of the Titans in 2007 reports today's Tennessean.  Not much news there.  

The article also says that the Titans are expected to pick up 1 year options on offensive coordinator Norm Chow and defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz.  

I guess the guys from the Fire Schwartz and Fisher sites will have another year to work on their sites and convince Bud of reasons both should be gone.  I think that job is going to get harder and harder with each passing year.  

Now Bud needs to lock all of them up long term.  They obviously have some momentum going here and they don't need contract distractions in 2007.  This team is going to have a chance to do some really special things and they don't need anything working behind the scenes to take away from that.


In the proudest moment of VY's career so far he accepted NBC's Golden Peacock Award yesterday. VY will never receive a higher honor. It's all down hill from here. (I apologize that you have to see Captain Tool in his Sprint commercial before watching the video)

A look at this weekend's games later today. We will look at this weekends games later on today.