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Pick Em Week 17 (Homer Edition)

Before I give you my picks one note.  Jeff Fisher has decided not to have scores from certain games displayed during the game Sunday to remove distractions.  I bet you can guess which scores will not be displayed.  (I'll give you a hint, one game is in Cincinnati and the other is in Kansas City)  I think this is a good move on Fisher's part because it avoids the temptaion of a let down if the team sees the Bengals are up 21-0 or something like that.

Now for this weeks picks:

Patriots (11-4) @ Titans (8-7)

I look for the Titans to be really focused in this game and for the Patriots to coast and rest some players.

Patriots 10 Titans 24

Giants (7-8) @ Redskins (5-10)

The Giants can still get in the playoffs with a win.  I know they are disfunctional but I think they can pull it together and get in the playoffs.

Giants 26 Redskins 13

Steelers (7-8) @ Bengals (8-7)

The Titans need the Steelers to win so they will.  (I wish it was that easy)  The Bengals will have a botched PAT for the 2nd week in a row.  

Steelers 28 Bengals 27

Lions (2-13) @ Cowboys (9-6)

The 'Boys need a win and an Eagles loss to clinch a first round home game.  They will do their part because the Lions are playing for Brady Quinn.

Lions 7 Cowboys 30

Jaguars (8-7) @ Chiefs (8-7)

See Steelers @ Bengals.  Seriously though, this is the game I like the best as a Titans fan.  The Chiefs are tough at home and the Jags are terrible on the road.

Jags 17 Chiefs 27

Rams (7-8) @ Vikings (6-9)

The Rams still have an outside shot at getting in the playoffs and the Vikings aren't very good.

Rams 17 Vikings 3

Panthers (7-9) @ Saints (10-5)

The Panthers will know the importance of this game when they take the field.  If the Giants lose on Saturday night the Panthers still have a chance to get in.  I don't think they will win either way.

Panthers 17 Saints 35

Raiders (2-13) @ Jets (9-6)


Raiders 10 Jets 24

Seahawks (8-7) @ Bucs (4-11)

Will we see an 8-8 division winner?  I think we will.

Seahawks 17 Bucs 20

Browns (4-11) @ Texans (5-10)

I feel sorry for any of you who get this game as your early game on CBS.

Browns 0 Texans 2

49ers (6-9) @ Broncos (9-6)

Jay Cutler I really enjoyed watching you play in college and I hope the result for your team is the same on Sunday as it was most Saturdays here in Nashville.

49ers 24 Broncos 21

Dolphins (6-9) @ Colts (11-4)

Hopefully this will be Nick Saban's last game in the NFL before accepting the head coaching job at the University of Alabama.  (I realize that isn't happening but I am allowed to dream, right?)

Dolphins 28 Colts 31

Falcons (7-8) @ Eagles (9-6)

Is there a better story in the NFL right now than the Eagles?  They can clinch the division with a win.  Is there more of a circus in the league than that surrounding the Falcons?

Falcons 3 Eagles 24

Cardinals (5-10) @ Chargers (13-2)

Kurt Warner's last who-rah.

Cardinals 6 Chargers 27

Bills (7-8) @ Ravens (12-3)

More players who were involved in the Music City Miracle will be on the field this week than last week.

Bills 9 Ravens 20

And finally, the "Game of the Week" featuring Brett Favre's third last game (look for #4 around this time in 2007):

Packers (7-8) @ Bears (13-2)

Favre never plays well against the Bears.

Packers 5 Bears 35

Let's see your picks for the final week of the regular season.