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Thursday Tidbits

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The Tennessean's Jim Wyatt has a great article about VY today.  It is probably the most candid VY has been since he has been here.  It is interesting that at the beginning of the season he was starting to doubt his decision to leave Texas early.

I was wondering if I should have stayed in college because of all the stuff going on,'' Young said Wednesday. "It was to the point that we were getting our butts whipped and all the stuff that was going on on the sideline. I was like, 'What is going on? What have I gotten myself into?' But at the same time it was a learning process for me and a learning process for the rest of the guys.''

It is amazing how far this team has come since the 0-5 start.  You have to credit VY with about 95% of that progress.  He got in there and made the team believe they could win.  He is a natural born leader and that is something the offensive side of the ball desperately needed.

It is amazing how much confidence the veterans on this team have in VY.

"We had all seen him do it before, he just did it at another level,'' Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck said. "What is great is how comfortable he is feeling at this level and how quickly he is feeling comfortable at this level.''

I think a lot of Titans fans doubted VY in the beginning.  You would have a lot of trouble getting those people to admit it now.  I'll admit I had a little doubt when the pick was made.  I didn't understand the intangibles VY had at that time.  Now that I see what he is able to do leadership wise I have no doubt he will lead this team to Super Bowls.

People keep comparing him to Vick.  They point you to Vick's early success and how the league eventually figured him out.  The differnce between Vick and VY is the leadership VY brings to the table.  You just don't see that in Vick.  

People also said VY wasn't as fast as Vick and the runs that VY made in college would be impossible at this level.  Anyone who saw ESPN when they timed his walk off TD run against the Texans doesn't have those doubts anymore.  VY went about 47 yards in 4.7 seconds.  He has the ability to raise even his physical ability when he needs it the most.

Before I get accused of turning this into again I will move on.  Tony Brown had an MRI on his injured knee yesterday and it was negative.  He is questionable for the game on Sunday.  Bobby Wade, Travis Henry and Bo Scaife all missed practice on Wednesday.  No real cause for concern on these guys until later in the week.

Tom Brady missed portions of practice on Wednesday with a shoulder injury he suffered against the Jags.  I didn't realize this but Brady has started 104 games in a row.  He sounds pretty set on continuing that streak.

"We'll just try to keep that up and try to keep that streak alive," Brady said. "It would be tough to catch Brett Favre. He's set the goal there. He and Peyton (Manning) are pretty miraculous with what they've done."
That sounds to me like he is planning on at least starting on Sunday.  I think we will probably see him for a quarter or so but that will be all.