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Titans Playoff Scenarios (for the last time)

For the Titans to get in they have to beat New England, the Chiefs have to beat the Jags at home, the Steelers have to beat the Bengals in Cincinnati, and the 49ers have to beat the Broncos in Denver.  

I like the chances of the Jags losing in Kansas City.  The Chiefs are tough at home and they are still alive.  Arrowhead will be rocking and the Jags are 1-6 on the road.  I am not sure about the Steelers chances against the Bengals.  The Bengals look to be in self-destruct mode but the Steelers aren't playing for anything.  They are a veteran team that will probably just be looking forward to getting the season over.  The 49ers should still play inspired football because they are a young team and Mike Nolan will have them buying into ending the season on a high note.  If I had to pick right now I would pick the Jets and the Bengals to be the wild card teams.

As for the Titans chances on Sunday, they will still be in must win mode as they play an early game so everything will still be up in the air.  There is also a rumor that Brady is going to sit this one out which would obviously be an advantage for the Titans.  The Patriots sit as the #4 seed and they can't go down any from there.  They could move up to 3 with a win here and a Colts loss but the difference between #3 and #4 is not that great because either way your second playoff game is on the road.

The playoff chances are slim but they are still alive.  I would have never dreamed that in week 17 the Titans would be playing a meaningful game.