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The people at NBC are stupid.  They have picked Green Bay at Chicago as the prime time game this week.  I guess they picked it because it could be Brett Favre's last game ever but that is just ridiculous because it isn't his last game.  He would not have come back this year if he did not intend on playing in the future because he had to know the team around him this year wasn't any good.  He knows they are young and could be primed for a run next year.  It would have been pointless for him to comeback for a dead end season.

This game doesn't really have any playoff implications.  Brett Favre plays like Akili Smith every time he faces the Bears.  The Packers have to win and get help to get in and they are not going to beat the Bears.

Am I just bitter because I wanted the Titans to get a prime time game?  Maybe so but there are 9 games that would be better choices than Green Bay @ Chicago, that is all I am saying.  I guess NBC feels Favre will deliver ratings and maybe he will.  To me though the whole Favre retirement crap is getting really old.  He and Roger Clemens both just need to say on the last day of the season they will be back or they are going to retire.  I am not one to tell guys when they should or shouldn't retire.  That is completely up to them but there is no reason to string it out for 15 years in a row.

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