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Titans @ Bills Open Thread


This is another installment in what has been a month of virtual playoff games for the Titans.  They have won every must win game so far and let's hope this game is no exception.

The key to the Titans winning this game is going to be the running game.  The Bills defense has been bad against the run this year as I mentioned earlier in the week.  If the Titans can get Henry and company going it will be smooth sailing.

On defense the Titans have got to focus on keeping everything in front of them.  JP Losman has a big arm and can get the ball down the field.  As long as the Titans keep the receivers in front of them and make tackles they should have a successful day.

I will not be around during the game as I have Christmas festivities with the in-laws.  Let's get some good real time chat going here and I will try and have a recap late tomorrow night or first thing Christmas morning.