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Saturday Morning Quick Hitters

Bills LB Takeo Spikes is a big fan of VY:

"Some of the so-called experts tried to say, 'Look at his release' or 'Look at he Wonderlic test.' Now it is like he is shoving it up their (butt),'' Spikes said. "I like that. I really do. The guy is a baller, man. Point blank. Period. He makes plays. He is a winner.''

It says a lot about a player's ability when he gets that kind of praise from a member of the opposing team.

Peter Sirmon was limited in practice yesterday and if he cannot go Stephen Tulloch will get the start.  Any opportunity the Titans have to get Tulloch on the field makes them a better team next year.  Drew Bennett spent part of practice with an ice bag on his knee but is expected to play.  Bo Scaife did not practice all week but said he hopes to play.

Now for my commentary on the Adam "Pacman" Jones poll currently on the main page.  As of right now the results are pretty much split down the middle with 52% of people saying they do not care about his off the field antics.  

I am not really surprised by this because I knew that most fans would forgive him if he performed on the field.  Here is my take: The things he has been doing off the field are just annoying.  They don't really harm anyone besides himself.  As long as he isn't out dealing drugs or killing people it really isn't that big of a deal unless it becomes a distraction to the team or he gets himself suspended.  That obviously directly hurts the team and that has got to stop.  

I think he did a wise thing this year but stepping away from the media and just playing football.  He took a lot of abuse after the Dallas game for his comment about needing more thugs on the team.  It was better for him just to step out of the spotlight for a while and play football.  He is still a very young player and hopefully he will come around because he has the ability to be one of the best in the league.  It would be a shame for something to happen to him and all that just be a waste.