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Henry Contract Extension?

Their is an article in the Tennessean today about how the Titans and Travis Henry's agent are working on a long term contract extension.  No matter what the outcome is there has to be some kind of deal done because Henry is due an $8.3 million roster bonus under his current deal.

How far has Travis Henry come since training camp?  There were a lot of people, myself included, that he would be the odd man out at the RB position.  He stayed determined though and used the competition as fuel to become a better player.  He never really complained.  The only time he spoke out was when he was told he wasn't going to be active before the Dallas game.  The only problem he had was that they didn't tell him until right before the game.  He said he would use that as motivation to be up the next week.

The organization didn't even have much faith in him.  Fisher said many times that it was all up to Travis whether he would be here or not.  Everytime Fisher was asked he would talk about how Travis had a lot of work to do to earn his spot.

This makes me wonder how the Titans feel about LenDale.  He has battled a lot of things this year from a training camp incident to a hip flexor to the flu.  Every week it seems that he has some other thing that is keeping him off of the practice field for a couple of days.  When the Titans took him in the 2nd round last year they drafted him to be the feature back.  If Henry does get an extension, and I think he should, what happens to LenDale.  Do the Titans start to employ the 2 back system so many in the NFL are running these days?  If the Titans do go with the 2 back system they will be able to put a hurting on some people in the run game.  Both Henry and White are backs that like to pound it straight ahead.  It would be fun to watch those 2 guys wear down defenses each week.