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Colts @ Titans Preview


Well Brad over at Stampede Blue has some things to say about VY yesterday.  Brad did pay me a compliment at the end of the article and I really do appreciate that.  However, his post is just stupid.  See he doesn't understand that our QB is a winner while his puts up numbers that look fantastic but can't get it done when it really matters.  VY is a rookie and he already has as many Super Bowl championships as Peyton.

Sorry I just really hate the Colts and when he decided to take a shot at VY it made me really angry.  The kid is a rookie and despite the numbers is 4-4 as a starter in his rookie year. He is doing this on a team, which Brad points out, does not have much talent.

Enough of that.  For the Titans to have a chance tomorrow they are going to have to establish the run game.  Travis Henry needs to step up and have another 100+ yard game for the Titans to have a chance against the Colts.

VY needs to protect the football.  If he gives the Colts a short field the game will get out of hand quickly.

The defense needs to play just like it did the last time they played the Colts.  If the Colts only score 14 points tomorrow the Titans will win.

We are going to need another solid game from Adam Jones on special teams to give the offense some quick scoring chances.

Here is to hoping VY makes Brad eat his words tomorrow and GO TITANS!!