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Some Tough News Today

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T-Rac is gettinng sued by Adrian McPherson.  It is quite laughable that McPherson thinks he would have made the Saints team if it weren't for T-Rac running him over.  Maybe T-Rac should write McPherson a $20 million dollar check.  The check will bounce and then T-Rac can laugh and say, "Just wanted you to get a taste of your own medicine."

All McPherson really needs to do is hire Randall Simon, the mascot hit man.  Last thought on this, does T-Rac have to wear his raccoon outfit when he testifies in court?

Enough of the nonsense.  The Titans look to have escaped the game on Sunday with very few injuries.  Really the only one to speak of is Peter Sirmon's strained knee.  He is likely to miss some practice time but could be ready to go on Sunday.  If he can't go rookie Stephen Tulloch would play in his spot.  Tulloch, who should be starting even if Sirmon is healthy, had 13 tackles against Jacksonville.

It is now official, Adam Jones must stay away from the goalpost.  Fisher talked to NFL Vice President of Officiating Mike Pereira about the penalty that was called on Adam against the Jags.  He said the penalty should not have been called but will be called from now on.  An NFL official said the celebration rule "continually evolves."  That is so stupid.  They should just make rules for the season and then re-evaluate when the season is over.