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No Pro Bowl For You

Once again, the Titans were shut out in the Pro Bowl voting.  I am not really surprised though.  You could make a case for Adam Jones as a returner, Chris Hope, and Keith Bulluck but no one really stands head and shoulders above the rest.  VY might have had a shot if he played all year but with his current #'s he doesn't deserve it.

This is one of the tough things about being in a small media market.  Guys don't really get national attention unless the team is playing really well.  If the Titans get off to a slow start you can pretty much forget about having a player voted to the Pro Bowl.  Look at 2002.  The Titans started off 1-4 but ended up 11-5.  You would have to be pretty stupid to think their aren't any All Pro players on a team that wins 10 out of 11 during any stretch of the season.

The moral of the story is when you are in a small media market you better start off hot.  I guarantee you the Titans will get some guys to Hawaii next year because they will be in the National spotlight from the beginning.