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Monday Night Quotes

Normally it is called Monday afternoon quotes but because of a meeting at work today it has been moved to night.  Don't forget to cheer for the Colts tonight.

Chris Hope on the play of the defense:

"Playmaking becomes contagious, just like winning does,'' said Hope. "Once you get on a roll, everybody wants to be a part of the celebration, or the win.''

Reynaldo Hill:

"They had a swagger coming in like we weren't nothing,'' said Hill. "I saw those guys talking about us this week, saying, 'It's just the Titans; we'll be fine.' That was a punch in the face to us. That's no respect for us.

"I think they believe we're for real now. Some of their guys even told me.''

Haynesworth on the win:

"A win is a win. You can put it in the crazy win column or the close win column or whatever you want to do. As long as we keep winning, that is what I am happy about.''

Jags QB David Garrard:

"I have never been a part of a day quite like this,'' said Garrard. "I don't even know if I have seen a day quite like this.''

VY on the play of the defense:

"Defense, defense, defense,'' Young said. "They made plays. It goes to show that it doesn't just take offense to win games. It takes offense, defense, special teams to win the game. Overall, the defense had the upper hand today. I applaud those guys a whole lot.''

KVB on the defense:

"This was a lot of fun,'' defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch said. "A good part of this winning streak the offense has really stepped up and kind of bailed us out at times. This time the defense really stepped up and won this game for us.

"But as long as we win, that's the most important thing, and we seem to be finding a different way to do it every week.''

Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz on Fisher's game management:

"They were on both of those really quick," Schwartz said. "The one kept (the Jaguars) out of scoring range and the other one was a seven-point play."

Jags receiver Reggie Williams on his catch that was over turned:

"It wasn't a momentum-turner, it was a robbery," Williams said. "I know I caught it, tucked it and gave it to the ref."

Schwartz on Adam Jones's pass defense against Matt Jones:

"They had a quarterback sneak called and we were blitzing up the middle and trying to take care of the quarterback sneak," Schwartz said.

"Their answer to that is throw the fade, and Pac fought it. That's what you pay corners to do and that's why we drafted him."

Cortland Finnegan on his opportunity to play in the NFL:

"Once you get your foot in the door you have to prove yourself," Finnegan said.

"That's one of the things I have prided myself on, that when I got drafted, I just wanted to come here and impress the coaches and just do my job consistently. So far, so good.''

Jeff Fisher on the Titans last offensive play:

"That was not what we intended," Fisher said. "Vince was instructed to get outside, to run it, not to throw it, to get what he could get and get down. He panicked and he threw it. It's part of the learning process."

Fisher on the explination he got on the celebration penalty called against Adam Jones:

"Mike said, 'No, he used it as a prop,' " Fisher said. "And I said, 'Well we have to get together and become more consistent, because twice before the flag was picked up. The league told me it was OK.'

"Mike was adamant about him using it as a prop so he stuck with the penalty."

That is a great point by Fisher.  It is ridiculous that the same thing can be a penalty one week and not a penalty the next.  That being said, why doesn't Adam just stay away from the goal post?