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I asked the Texas fans at when they knew VY was special.  What they had to say was very interesting.  When I asked the question I expected to get answers like, "The Rose Bowl against Michigan" or "Halfway through his first season as a starter."  Boy was I wrong.  Most of the people who saw him play in high school said they knew then.  You can read the entire thread here.  Here are a few interesting quotes from the thread.

Lowery21 had this to say:

When he simply refused to allow Michigan to win.

"Don't worry coach, I got this."-College Sophomore.

BayouCityOrange talked about a game against Kansas:

The Kansas game in '04 when he made Nick Reid look like a Pop Warner player on 4th and 18. That game sold me on VY's ability to step up in pressure situations.

Shocking News had this to say about the same game:

I would have to say the Kansas game was when I fell in love. That 4th down play was ridiculous. I was already crawling into my closet with a bottle of whiskey when he brought us back from the dead.

The more I hear from Texas fans about VY the more excited I become for the future of the Titans.  I heard Mike Munchak, the Titans O-line coach, this morning on the radio talking about how the veterans respected VY's huddle presence even in the preseason games.  Most rookies don't get that kind of respect.  Munchak also talked about VY making everyone around him better.  A lot of the Texas people compare him to Jordan in that way.  I am not ready to make that comparison yet but if that is true it is going to be an exciting next few years here in the Music City.