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Sometimes You Think Adam has Learned

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and then you realize, once again, that he has not.  He apparently got into a shouting match with Frank Wycheck at the end of practice today.  As all of Adam's incidents do, it ended with someone pulling him away while he is yelling obscenities.  I wonder if he will ever grow up.  I know what he is doing is really no big deal but you would think he would learn to keep himself in check.  Maybe that is to much to ask.  I was getting pretty close to calling him Pacman but this sets it back again.  Maybe next season.

The article also mentions that VY watched the end of practice today with ice on his elbow.  Fisher said it was just because he has thrown so many passes over the course of the year.

As far as the other injuries go, Scaife did not practice today and most likely will not play.  Henry did not practice but says he expects to play.

My final question to Peter from Burnt Orange Nation about VY was what the talk around Houston was about drafting VY.  Here is his answer:

The push to take Vince Young in Houston was tremendous. First, you had every Longhorn fan in the state wanting Vince to be the #1 pick. As should be pretty clear by now, this guy became so, so many people's all time favorite hero during his career at Texas.

But the Texans made it crystal clear that they weren't going to take Vince. They gave Vince a token workout to "appease" the Houston natives, but it was just that - a token gesture.

They then went out and said that Reggie Bush was their guy. (And, subsequently, drove his asking price up too high. So dumb.) At that point, it was pretty obvious that Houston wouldn't be taking Vince.

How dumb was it? Some day, people might call it Sam Bowie dumb. Seriously. Hell, some people already are. The biggest problem, of course, is that Vince is from Houston. Lots of teams pass over great players in the draft - it happens every year. But this is a rare kind of mistake: Vince is a Houston hero, a superior player, a beloved community member... And the Houston Texans were a franchise without an identity. How easy is that choice? To most of us, it seemed like a no-brainer. Somehow, they messed it up.

Going beyond the Houston natives who all wanted Vince, how about Longhorn nation? The man is such a hero to so many of us that we all knew we were going to pledge our allegiance to whichever team drafted Vince. Why wouldn't the Texans take a guy that gives you - instantly - tens of thousands of new fans? Who will travel to Houston to see him play? Cheer him with undying support, win or lose? How do you not take that guy? How?

Bottom line, Jimmy: you and your team got really lucky. Houston gifted you a transcendent player and an army of new fans. Bud Adams gets the last laugh...

Hopefully, for the good of the Titans, it will end up being Sam Bowie dumb.