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VY Week Part 2

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The Tennessean and the City Paper have decided to follow my lead and have a VY week of their own.

It is amazing how the other guys on the Titans view VY.  Here are some quotes about VY from The Tennessean article:

"The guy is a walking one-man show,'' wide receiver Drew Bennett said.
"If we can give the ball to No. 10 with a chance to win," defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch said, "a lot of times it's going to happen.''
"One thing I hope is that people don't depend on him to be a hero every week,'' Titans tight end Bo Scaife said. "It is good to have a guy like that to make it happen. I can't say enough about him. But we have to continue to help him out. You don't want to put him in a situation like that every game in the fourth quarter.''

I might argue with Scaife there.  I think as long as VY has the ball and a chance he is going to get it done.  He has so far every time this year.  Even if you look back at the Ravens game, VY got the Titans in field goal position before the coaches held him out with an injury.  The field goal ended up being blocked but VY did his part against one of the toughest defenses in the NFL.

This quote is the key to this whole run in my opinion:

"The guys believe in Vince, but Vince also believes in his teammates that someone, somehow, is going to be there to make a play for him," Fisher said.

"That's a good thing. That's something we've worked hard to create. That's the thing in the locker room that wins you games, and it's continuing to evolve and move in the right direction."

VY has made the entire team better.  They have been playing with so much energy since he became the starter.  He just makes everyone around him better.  It takes a special player to do that and VY is a very special player.

I have started a discussion at asking the Longhorn fans when they knew VY was special.  In tomorrow's installment of VY week we will look at some of their answers.

On the Titans injury front it appears they were not as lucky as they have been in the last couple of weeks.  Bo Scaife appears to have a fairly serious ankle injury that will more than likely keep him out of Sunday's game.  That means your TE options consist of Ben Hartsock, Casey Cramer and Cooper Wallace, who was promoted from the practice squad today.  Not exactly Kinney, Troupe and Scaife.  Travis Henry also has an ankle injury that could keep him out Sunday.  I am not sure about LenDale White's status but if neither can go Chris Brown will be the man on Sunday.  Hopefully he can make it through an entire game.  I am sure the Titans would use Ahmard Hall to spell Brown, especially in short yardage situations.