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Titans Playoff Chances

There are a lot of things that have to happen for the Titans to make the playoffs.  First and foremost. they have to win out.  If they lose another game they are eliminated.  The tie breakers are head to head and then AFC record.  This is a problem for the Titans as 6 of their 7 losses are against AFC teams.

Now we look at the following scenarios.  6 out of 7 from the listed scenarios have to happen for the Titans to make the playoffs (assuming they win out).

1.  Pittsburgh has to lose one game.

Sun 12/17 at Carolina
Sun 12/24 Baltimore
Sun 12/31 at Cincinnati

2. Kansas City has to lose one game

Sun 12/17 at San Diego
Sat 12/23 at Oakland
Sun 12/31 Jacksonville

3. Jacksonville loses one (in addition to the game to the Titans)

Sun 12/24 New England
Sun 12/31 at Kansas City

4. Jets lose two of last three

Sun 12/17 at Minnesota
Mon 12/25 at Miami
Sun 12/31 Oakland

5. Cincy loses all 3

Mon 12/18 at Indianapolis
Sun 12/24 at Denver
Sun 12/31 Pittsburgh

6. Denver loses 2 of last 3

Sun 12/17 at Arizona
Sun 12/24 Cincinnati
Sun 12/31 San Francisco

7. Miami loses one game

Sun. 12/17 at Buffalo
Mon. 12/25 N.Y. Jets
Sun. 12/31 at Indianapolis

The chances are slim but there is a chance.  "So you're saying there's a chance."

VY Week continues this afternoon.