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Monday Afternoon Quotes

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First off, here is the link for Mike Keith's call of the VY winning TD run.  I love listening to Mike and Frank on the radio.  Anything is better than listening to the morons on CBS.  Did anyone else here Balldinger (or whatever his name is) going on and on about how the challenge Fisher lost was even more costly because a TO was charged due to an injured player?  Did anyone else notice that it was a Texans player who was injured and the Texans that got charged their final TO?  What an idiot.

Game wrap ups:

John McClain's blog.

David Climer's column.

Houston Chronicle.

Now to the quotes:

VY on the feeling he had while running in the game winner:

"I felt like my mom was chasing me with a belt,'' Young said. "I saw the lane and used my God-given talents to make things happen.''

VY on how it felt to win this game in Houston:

It was a great ending, being from Houston, here with my family and the fans that respect me as a player and a person as well.  It can't get any better than that."

Bruce Matthews on the final play:

"I told my son, 'He is either going to be the goat or the hero on this play,' '' said Matthews.  "The moment he took off, I went, 'Hero!' ''

Keith Bulluck on the final play:

"I've never heard of a walk-off touchdown, but that is what happened.''

Jacob Bell on the final play:

"You couldn't have written a better script for Vince, to come back home and win like that,'' Bell said. "It was a storybook finish for him, like a movie script. A perfect ending, both for him and the team.''

Norm Chow on the final play:

"All we wanted was 8 yards,'' Chow said. "You were hoping he would get enough for a field goal and then you say, 'Keep going! Go young man!' ''

Texans defensive end N.D. Kalu on the final play:

"I never want to give Vince Young his props or the recognition he deserves, but he made me a believer on that last play,''  Kalu said. "I didn't know if I wanted to throw my helmet or cry.''

Bruce Matthews on VY:

"To stand out in the NFL is so difficult, and as a rookie he stands out already," Matthews said. "He is so exciting to watch. He is just amazing, really.  From a Houston Texans perspective, well, this was about the worst thing that could happen, for him to come back and do what he did.''

Chris Brown on his performance yesterday:

"It felt great to be able to move the ball on the ground,'' said Brown. "We got off to a little bit of a slow start, but we got rolling and kept it going. For me, it just felt great to be out there.''

Jacob Bell on Brown:

"I know he was wanting to prove to people he could still play and he went out there and did a great job," Bell said. "With Travis, that's just what he's been doing all season.''

Fisher on Brown:

"We've had the difficult decision every week to put down a good running back because we have three good ones,'' Fisher said. "But as I mentioned early in the week, when LenDale couldn't go, we had a healthy one with fresh legs that could ... and it takes that kind of situation and depth to be able to continue and run the football.''

VY on Drew Bennett:

"Drew is marvelous," Young said. "He steps up every time. He played a heck of a game. Every time we stepped to the sideline, we were talking to each other saying, 'Hey, I see this in the defense; we can take advantage of it.' So we got the information back to Norm Chow and he gave us the play to execute."

Drew Bennett on the drop and the win:

"It's always good to have some action in a big win," Bennett said.  "That's the play I'll remember from this game," he said. "That and I kind of hung Vince out to dry on his pick by not coming back to the ball as sharp as I should have. I should definitely not have let that guy catch that ball.  There are some things I need to work on; there are some things I need to improve on. But it's always easier with the win."

Chris Hope on Adam Jones's tackle of Andre Johnson to force a field goal:

"Crucial," Hope said. "Johnson eluded Finnegan but Pacman came off his man and made a great tackle."

Haynesworth on the performance of the defense:

"We let them drive that one drive on us, then we kind of bowed our necks and didn't break," Haynesworth said. "For us to hold them to that field goal was excellent because then we put it in VY's hands."

KVB on the defense:

"We thought they were probably going to come out and try to run the ball about like they did (in a win at Oakland) last week and they had some success on the ground," Vanden Bosch said.
"They've got some big backs, some powerful backs. We were letting them get North-South on us and we made some adjustments and were able to get stops in the fourth quarter."

Robaire Smith on toss calling strategy:

"You go with your first instinct," Smith said. "I just go with the first thought that comes in my head. It's still luck. It's 50-50.  That's big," Smith said. "Whoever gets the ball first in overtime is in good shape because you know all you need is a field goal to win."

We will have our first post of VY week later today with some thoughts from Burnt Orange Nation about VY's early years at Texas.