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Keep Rolling....

How much fun is it to watch this team come together before our very eyes?  I remember leaving LP Field after the loss to the Ravens and being disappointed only a little bit because this team wasn't going anywhere.  Now thinking back on that loss it really, really hurts.  If the Titans had not have given that game away they would be sitting in prime playoff position.  That is not fun to think about so we will stop now.  Let's talk about happy things.

VY is the most exciting guy in the NFL.  If you disagree with that you have a right to your opinion but your opinion is wrong.  There is only one other QB in the NFL that can do what he did on the final play but the thing that makes VY more exciting is he can throw.  We knew he could make plays with his legs but he is so far ahead of where everyone thought he would be passing.  If you watch the mistakes he makes throwing the ball they are always either an inaccurate pass or a late throw.  The game will slow down for him next year and those decisions will be made more quickly.  He is making great reads and that is what all of the talking heads out there thought he was going to have trouble with.  He is doing great reading defenses and he knows when to take off and when to stay in the pocket to throw.  Teams will eventually stop blitzing him because if he breaks contain he is going to pick up at least 10 yards.  VY will bring championships to this city.  If you haven't jumped on the VY bandwagon yet you better hurry because it is going to be full pretty soon.

One of the most surprising parts of this whole run has been the play of the defense.  With the exception of one drive yesterday they played really well.  The only allowed 240 net yards yesterday and held the Texans to 2-11 on third down.  You win ball games by getting off the field on third down.  This defense is 2-3 players away from being close to the shut down unit they were when the first became the Titans.  Put a solid CB opposite Adam Jones, a solid pass rushing DE opposite KVB and a solid safety opposite Chris Hope and you have a D that will be among the best in the league.  Schwartz should get the opportunity to coach these guys again next year.  They have taken tremendous strides forward throughout the year and that is really all you can ask for.

It was good to see Chris Brown contribute yesterday.  He had 4 carries for 44 yards.  His biggest run of the game was the 16 yard run in OT.  It was good to see him be able to get on the field and contribute when Henry hurt his ankle.  Brown will probably not be with this team next year but he made himself some money with another team with that performance yesterday.

Can Floyd Reese be run out of town at this point?  Look at yesterday's game.  Adam Jones, 2005's 1st round pick, has a 30+ yard kick off return to set up VY, 2006's 1st round pick, for the game winning run.  Look at yesterday's starting line.  Michael Roos, 2005 2nd round pick, starting at left tackle, Jacob Bell, 2004 5th round pick, starting at left guard, Kevin Mawae, 2006 FA signing, starting at center, Eugene Amano, 2004 7th round pick, starting at right guard, and David Stewart, 2005 4th round pick, starting at right tackle for a team that rushed for 218 yards.  They also only allowed 2 sacks.  Reese has missed on some picks but the O Line is proof that he is no dummy.  In my opinion the only reason for the Titans not to bring him back would be if he and Fisher cannot get along.  Give credit also to Mike Munchak, the O Line coach, for bringing this unit together.

This afternoon we will have Monday Afternoon Quotes and at some point today we will have some VY info from a guy that has been watching him play since before we had even heard of him.  Don't forget, it is VY week at MCM.