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Friday Morning Quick Hits

Updating yesterday's Norm Chow discussion, Zackmann makes a great point about the effect Norm Chow leaving would have on VY.  That is something that I meant to hit on and completely forgot.  That is my biggest concern about Chow leaving.  He hasn't exactly set the world on fire in his first 2 years here but I think it would be a set back for VY to try and make him learn a new system.  I don't think it would be a completely new system because you see Fisher's philosophies with every offensive coordinator that comes here.  So it probably wouldn't be a huge adjustment but it would still force VY to learn some things all over again.  Of course, VY has proven so far that he can pick things up and make the necessary adjustments as the game goes on.  All of this might be a moo point because, according to Fisher, no one has contacted any of his assistants.  I think that is a lie but what do I know?

LenDale White missed practice yesterday after injuring a hip flexor in practice on Wednesday.  He says he doesn't think the injury is anything serious and will try to practice today.  If he can't go then Chris Brown would be the #2 running back.  I sometimes forget he is still on the team.  None of this really even matters unless Travis Henry gets hurt because he is getting about 99% of the carries anyways.

Haynesworth limped off the field yesterday with an ankle injury but came back to finish practice.  Travis LaBoy has a good shot at playing this week while Antwan Odom will still be out.