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What does it mean????

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There is an interesting article in The Tennessean today about how the former Titans now Ravens feel about the struggles of the franchise.  The most interesting part of the article comes at the end:

Asked if he felt badly for Coach Jeff Fisher, who coached him for his first 11 years in the NFL, or Floyd Reese, the general manager who drafted him, in light of all the negative development, McNair answered specifically about Fisher.

"I'm sad for Jeff," McNair said. "Jeff bent over backwards to protect me when I was there and to do things that made me better as a person, an individual.

"And the guy that's looking bad in the whole deal is him, and I feel sorry for him because Jeff deserves better than that."

I find it extremely intersting that McNair feels bad for Fisher but did not mention Reese at all.  What does that mean?  Does it mean this offseason Fisher was pushing Reese to keep McNair here?  Does it mean Reese really did have something to do with McNair being locked out of the facility this summer?  Did McNair just mention Fisher because he was a lot closer with Fisher?  I don't know the answer to any of these questions.

I think Floyd Reese is gone at the end of the season.  During the bye week we looked at all of the drafts since the franchise moved to Tennessee.  None of those drafts have been all that good.  There are more players that have fizzled out than have become stars here or anywhere else for that matter.  This teams two biggest holes, receiver and D-line, are areas that have been heavily focused on in drafts.  The Titans are still really bad in both areas.  

Reese's strategy to draft a bunch of guys at the same position in a draft and hope 1 or 2 pan out is just stupid.  He did this in 2004 when he drafted Travis LaBoy, Antwan Odom, Randy Starks, Bo Schobel, and Jared Clauss.  None of these guys have really been any good and Reese used almost half the draft to address this one (I guess you can call it 2) need(s).

The Titans took 2 receivers in 2001 (McCareins and Berlin), 2 in 2002 (Schifino and Hill), Calico in 2003 and 3 in 2004 (Jones, R. Williams, and Roby).  Tell me one of these guys who have contributed anything more than a season to this franchise.  I'll wait.  I know the jury is out on Jones because of the ACL but the rest have been huge busts.  You cannot afford to do this in the salary cap era.