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More on McNair

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The Sunshine Man has a nice article today on Steve McNair and his return to play in Nashville this weekend.  He hits on what I always loved about McNair.  He was a winner.  His stats genereally weren't all that good but he won games.  You could count on him to put everything on the field each and every time he was out there.

I think we can look forward to seeing that for years to come in Nashville with VY.  He is never going to be among the league leaders in QB rating but he will know how to win games.  His teammates believe in him.  This is a young team (no pun intended) and they are going to grow up together.  I look forward to next year in what I think will be a serious run at a playoff birth.  If you can get in the playoffs you never know what can happen.

I think it would be fun if some people would post their favorite McNair moments. I will start with mine and I have 2.  The first one is from the 1999 Super Bowl.  I was never a big McNair supporter until that night.  The last drive he put together is something I will never forget as long as I live.  The play where he was grabbed by 2 Rams defenders, shook them off, and completed a pass to Thigpen is my second favorite NFL play of all time.  (1st is the Music City Miracle obviously)

The second memory is this game.  That was back when McNair had such a good flow with his receivers that he could miss practice and still play unbelievable on Sundays.

Post your favorite memory and lets get some discussion started.  Later in the week I am going to start a picks league.