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Around the NFL

We will start this period with a look at the NFL Power Rankings from ESPN.  It was easy to take the Bears out of the top spot because they lost.  I wonder if the Colts would have overtaken them even if they had one after what the Colts did against the Patriots Sunday night.

I hate the Colts but unfortunately they are the best team in the league.  Their defense is shaky but it is good enough to hold teams close enough the offense can win the game.

Who is the second best?  The Broncos are good but their offense is a liability with Plummer at the helm.  The Bears defense is unbelievable but their offense is suspect at best.  The Patriots are obviously not on par with the Colts.  I think the Chargers are the second best team.  They might be the most complete team in the league.  LT is unstoppable and their defense is solid.  Their only problem is Marty-Ball.  

Here is a fun playoff scenario: Marty-Ball @ Peyton choke town for the AFC Championship game.  The RCA Dome might explode with those two playoff train wrecks facing each other.

The Titans took a big hit this week falling from 22 all the way down to 29.  I guess that is what happens when you look as bad as the Titans did.  22 will probably be as high as the Titans get this year.  They have a brutal month of November with the Ravens, Eagles and Giants on tap.

Jeff Fisher's approval rating took a hit this week falling from 80% last week all the way to 57% so far this week.  This is not a surprise as people usually vote against the coach after a loss.

Lovie Smith is down to 74% this week after the loss.  Our favorite coach, Dennis Green, is still holding down the bottom at 15%.  Hold strong Denny.  Hold strong.