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Tuesday Morning News

There is a rumor out there that I have refused to acknowledge until now.  Chris Mortensen and Peter King have both reported that Jerry Jones wants Jeff Fisher to be the next coach of the Dallas Cowboys.  That is a nice story but is extremely unlikely.  First off the Cowboys currently have a coach and he has one year left on his contract.  The Cowboys would either have to fire him or he would have to retire.  

Secondly, the Titans hold the option on Jeff Fisher for next year.  This means if Bud Adams picks up the option the Cowboys would have to give the Titans some type of compensation.  

I think Bud Adams should give them Fisher if they offer him DeMarcus Ware, Roy Williams, Marcus Spears and Bradie James.  I would even make the deal for 2 of those guys listed.

All of the McNair talk has started here in Nashville.  It will be interesting to see how he is received by the Titans faithful.  If I were at the game I would cheer for him.  They were talking on the radio yesterday about if there would be any kind of tribute to McNair or not.  I am the biggest McNair fan there is but I don't think there should be any type of tribute.  He is a legend here and always put everything he had on the line for the franchise but he is on the opposing team this week.  Have a tribute for him after he retires.  I would be the first in line for Steve McNair day.

This afternoon we will look at some things around the NFL.  But at this time, for your viewing pleasure, here is the classy reaction from Faith Hill when Chicago Cubs fan Carrie Underwood won female vocalist of the year at last night's CMA Awards here in Nashville.

Stay classy Faith Hill.