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Another Manic Monday

That was bad.  Was it as bad as the losses to San Diego and Dallas? No.  It was still bad though.  The Titans had taken some huge steps forward over the last month just to see it all come crashing down.

VY looked like a rookie yesterday.  Were our hopes to high for him?  Yes.  We have to remember he is still a rookie.  He has a long way to go in the accuracy and decision making departments.  He was off the mark on a lot of throws and that counted for 2 of his interceptions.  If he puts those balls where they are supposed to be they may not be completions but they don't get picked.  

He has got to pull the ball down and run more.  There are times where he could pull it down and get 5-7 yards but he is just to hesitant to do it.  Again, all of this comes with being a rookie.  He will pick this up as he gets more experience.  At least his confidence isn't hurt.

"My confidence is going to always be high," Young said. "You ain't got to never question it. I'll never question my confidence. Coaches and my players, they'll never question my confidence.

"My confidence is extremely high right now and my confidence in my players and my team is extremely high. That was just a game that slipped away from us. But hey, I mean, it happens."

That is what will make him a winner in this league.

The receivers didn't help VY out any yesterday.  Drew Bennett had a drop, Brandon Jones had a drop and Bobby Wade had a couple of drops.  Bobby Wade just isn't an NFL receiver.  We are beginning to see why the Bears let him go.  He looked great in offseason workouts but those don't really mean anything on Sundays.  He has had some big drops this year and he seems to do it every week.  

Receiver is a position the Titans are going to have to address in the offseason.  That is a frustrating thing considering they signed Givens in the offseason to a huge contract and that just 2 years ago they drafted 3 receivers.  I know Givens has been hurt and he might make a huge difference once he gets on the field.  The Jones, Roydell Williams, Roby combination has been dissapointing.  Jones is still recovering from a serious injury so it is to early to tell on him but the other 2 have not been any good.  This is typical of the Titans drafts though.  Draft a bunch of guys from the same position and hope a couple of them pan out.  Unfortunately for the organization and the fans, this startegy has not been very effective.  That may be what costs GM Floyd Reese his job at the end of the season.

This is really going to hurt me to say but the Titans missed Adam Jones yesterday.  The Woolfolk days are numbered.  He proved again yesterday the Titans wasted a first round pick on him.  The Jags went after him early and often and on the first TD pass he looked as lost as Peyton Manning in the playoffs.  Woolfolk's contract is up at the end of the year and he will not be here next year.  It is to bad that Jones couldn't have his professionalism.

Some guy called in the radio this morning and said the Titans would have won if Jones played.  That is just stupid.  Would the game have been better?  Yes.  Would the Titans have won?  No way.  I hope Jones watched the game and felt bad for how he let his teammates down.  He probably just went to a club though.  (again I just can't help myself)

Enough of the negativism.  Today is a new day and the Titans east come to town this weekend.  It will be a fun environment as McNair makes his first start here in a uniform other than the two toned blue.  If anyone has tickets they want to give me I would be very appreciative.  Anyways, we will have some fun looks back at McNair's career this week.  This afternoon we will have the ever popular Monday Afternoon Quotes.