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Monday Afternoon Quotes

Travis Henry on the team's performance:

"We (stunk) out there. This is really disappointing. You have to take a look in the mirror."

I think the () around stunk mean he didn't use that exact word.

VY on his performance:

"It is a learning experience,'' said Young. "I really feel like that I have to go back to work and get better on some of the different things the defense is trying to do to me. But at the same time we just have to continue to work as a team.

"Overall, I thought we had a great week of practice. Jacksonville came in well-prepared to play the game. We killed ourselves as a team.''

Keith Bulluck on the next time the Titans see the Jags:

"This is a lesson, and Jacksonville played a good football game,'' linebacker Keith Bulluck said. "But they should know one thing -- it is coming back. That (butt)-kicking we got today, it is coming back to see them shortly.

"They might get their (butt) kicked the next time they come to our stadium later this year, you never know. It is coming back to them soon.''

Benji Olsen on VY's confidence:

"He's a very confident person, a very strong-willed guy," Benji Olson said. "You can tell that in the huddle. He's going to be fine."

Norm Chow on VY:

"He's a confident young man. He made some mistakes. We all made some mistakes," Chow said. "I don't know, we'll see. He's a confident guy. We'll be back."

Bulluck on Adam Jones not being there:

"There were some plays out there that I feel like Pac could make," Bulluck said. "Not to discredit anyone else, I just feel if Pac was there he could make certain plays. But at the same time Pac wasn't there. I am sure he sat home and watched the game to see where his presence was missed."

Peter Sirmon on the 17 point defecit:

"We're not good enough to spot a 17-point lead. That's just a fact."