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Keys to the Game


Injury update:

David Thornton and Bobby Wade were both limited in practice yesterday and both are questionable for the game tomorrow.

Now for the keys to the game.

When the Titans have the ball:

1.  Establish the run.

The Jags have an excellent run defense but the Titans cannot abandon the run all together.  They have to get Henry and White going to open some things up in the passing game.  They also need to have some designed VY running plays.  If not it will be a long day.

2.  Protect the ball.

The Jags offense is weak and the quickest way to let them beat you is to give them a short field.  The Titans defense should match up well with their offense as long as things are even.

3.  Score early.

The best way to take the Jags out of the game is to make them rely on their passing game.  Scoring early and getting a lead would make them get away from their run game which would be advantage Titans.

When the Jaguars have the ball:

1.  Stop the run.

As mentioned above the Jags are a great running team.  If the Titans D can stop the run it will make Garrard have to beat them with his arm.  That is where the Titans want to be.

2.  Don't allow Garrard big plays with his legs.

How many times do you see a team against a mobile QB have everything covered downfield only to see the QB take off and get the first down?  The Titans cannot allow Garrard to do this.  When the Jags are in passing situations, the Titans need to make them pass.  As long as everyone on D plays their assignments it won't be a problem.

3.  Force turnovers.

The Titans offense will have a tough day against the Jags defense and the easiest way for the Titans to put up points would be with a couple of turnovers that leave short fields for the offense.