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Will He Stay or Will He Go?

There is an article in The City Paper this morning about the possibility of Norm Chow returning to the college game to ecome the head coach at Arizona State.  One thing mentioned in the article that I did not realize is the AD at ASU is Lisa Love who Chow worked with at Southern Cal.

Chow has never been a head coach at any level above high school.  He is 60 years old and this might be his last best chance to land a job.  I think if this does get serious the Titans organization would not stand in the way of Chow getting his shot.  It was speculated when Chow came to the Titans that he was just making the move to improve his resume.

There are a lot of questions about how Chow would be as a college head coach.  College coaches these days have a lot more to do than just coaching the team on the field.  There is a lot of butt kissing that has to go on with alumni, boosters and recruits.  Chow does not seem to have the type of personality that would fit in that type of scenario.

On the other hand, Chow really should just be able to walk into any high school offensive player's house and tell that player just to look at his track record and the players he has developed.  (Rivers, Palmer, and Leinart just to name a few)

If Chow did take the job it probably wouldn't have that much of an effect on the Titans this season because ASU's lame duck coach Dirk Koetter will stay on to coach the Sun Devils in The Sheraton Hawaii Bowl on Dec. 24th.  (wouldn't you stay for that?)  The Titans only have 1 game after that so if Chow did take that job I imagine he would stay around for the final game.

For now we will not specualte about who a good replacement would be because Chow is still here.  If he does leave the speculation will be running rampant.