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Friday Morning Update

As I updated yesterday, David Garrard will start for the Jags.  Chris from Big Cat Country thinks the Jags are better with Leftwich at QB.  I am not so sure he is right.  He does see the team a lot more than I do but it seems to me that Garrard wins games.  Just look at the last 2 weeks.  2 weeks ago Leftwich started against the Texans and they lost.  Last week Garrard started and they beat the Eagles.  If you go back to last year Garrard went 5-1 to lead the Jags to a playoff berth.  Leftwich started the playoff game and they were blown out in New England.  I understand that in theory Leftwich is a better QB because he goes through all his reads and what not but he is a statue and has an incredibly slow release.  The Titans face an extra challenge going against the mobile QB.

It looks like David Thornton will be able to play.  He was limited in practice yesterday and Fisher said he looks to up the load today.  If Thornton cannot go Sirmon would slide out to play OLB and rookie Stephen Tulloch would play in the middle.  Receivers David Givens and Roydell Williams both still have pains from breaks in there hands but both have a reasonable chance of playing on Saturday.