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Then and Now

The 0-4 Titans went to Indy in week 5 and were an 18.5 point underdog.  We all know the results of that game.  It was an extremely frustrating game that the Titans were one dropped pass away from winning.

Since that game the Titans have won 4 out of 6.  Indy comes in here as a 7.5 point favorite.  It is funny how much things can change in the course of 7 weeks.

Are the Colts a better team than when the Titans faced them in week 5?  I am not sure.  When I first thought about this question I was sure that they were.  I am not so sure now.  There run game has no doubt gotten better.  Joseph Addai has stepped in and made the Colts forget all about Edgerrin James but they are actually averaging almost 3 points less per game than they were in week 5.

Their defense has gotten better against the run with the acquisition of Booger McFarland but are still giving up a little more than 21 points per game.  The Titans should be able to run with some success against them and, if they can duplicate the 214 yards they rushed for last time, should be able to pull out a victory.

The Titans are no doubt a better all around team than they were in week 5.  Coming into week 5 the Titans were scoring 11.75 points per game and allowing 30.25 points per game.  Is there any doubt why they were 0-4?  Since the Colts game the Titans are scoring 19.5 points per game and allowing 20.  (Colts game excluded)  You can see the drastic difference especially in the points allowed.

All of this said, the Colts are a better team than the Titans.  Can the Titans win this game?  Yes but they will have to play a near perfect game.