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The Titans are starting to get a little respect around the NFL as mentioned here.  It is good to see some momentum building and it will be nice to have something rolling going into the offseason for the first time since 2003.

Where is Merrill Hodge now?  He said before the draft he would not spend a first day pick on VY as a QB.  I still don't understand what he was thinking.  VY has a quality that can't be measured at the combine, by his reading of defenses in college or his throwing motion.  VY has the largest come from behind win for a rookie QB in the history of the NFL.  Why can't a professional analyst see that?  I would love to get paid as much as he does to be wrong all the time.  Where do you sign up for that job?

The careers of VY, Matt Leinart and Jay Cutler will always be compared to one another.  So far the class is doing pretty well.  In a league that is supposed to be impossible for a rookie QB to survive in VY and Leinart are putting up pretty solid seasons so far.  Cutler will get is first start this weekend and should have some success because of the weapons he has around him.  It will be interesting to see where all 3 guys end up in the next 10-15 years.  I don't think the Titans will ever regret taking VY at #3.

It is going to be fun to see how the rest of the season plays out.  So far the Titans have played the toughest schedule in the league.  It really doesn't get any easier from here.  The Titans have home games remaining against the Colts, Jags and Patriots and they have road games against the Texans and Bills.  All 3 home games are against teams that are at least playoff contenders and a trip to Buffalo in late December is never easy.  Some people are saying this team will win out but I don't think that is realistic.  If this team can go through December with 2-3 wins I think it should be judged as a success.  The Titans will have a middle of the road pick that they could pacakge with some other picks to move up and $41 million in cap space to put a playoff contender on the field in 2007.  It will be fun.

This afternoon we will look at some things around the NFL.