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Comeback on the Cumberland

That was the second most exciting game I have ever attended.  The first was this game.  The Titans took a huge step forward in their rebuilding process yesterday.  That is the exact game we as Titans fans have been on the other side of all year.  The Titans have had big leads disappear late.  The Titans have had all of the breaks go against them.  Yesterday was a new day.  Yesterday proved the Titans are not Vanderbilt.

Jeff Fisher should be given an extension today.  You can say what you want about him being conservative or about his lack of discipline but after yesterday you have to see how good of a coach he actually is.  He had a 3-7 team down by 21 going into the 4th quarter and his team did not quit.  Last year they would have.  Fisher has done a fantastic job of motivating this team no matter what the situation.  He has these guys playing with the passion and determination of a playoff team.  That speaks volumes about his coaching ability.  You will not find anyone better to coach this team.  Lock him up long term Bud!!

What can you say about VY?  The kid is already starting to build his NFL legend.  I have heard people say that VY is Mike Vick but not as fast.  I will say this, if you gave me the choice to pick one of them for my franchise I would take VY in a landslide.  He may not be the prototypical QB.  His accuaracy may not be up to NFL speed yet but the kid is a winner.  Period.  The play in 4th quarter on 4th and 10 when he pump faked Giants defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka and escaped to run for a 20 yard gain is, in one play, all of the reasons the Titans took him at #3.  He just has that quality about him that makes he and his teammates better in crunch time.  It is going to be a blast to watch him play.

Adam Jones is going to make me eat some words.  I am still not ready to call him Pacman but he is finally starting to step it up on the field.  Does his great play on the field excuse what he does on and off the field at times?  No.  Not in my mind at least.  I will not be a fan that forgives all just because he plays well.  I will say though that he is becoming an elite corner in this league and if he can clean his act up he will be a building block for this Titans team.

You are hearing from a lot of people this morning that the Titans did not win this game but the Giants lost it.  Who cares?  It is a W and a huge comeback for a team that needed that more than can be expressed in words.  We will be able to point to this game as the moment that the Titans truly turned the corner from one of the worst teams in the league to a up and coming young team.  Teams are no longer automatically counting the Titans as a W on their schedule.  Next year the Titans will make a serious playoff push again and after week 12 we will be talking about the playoff race and not which free agents are going to be available.  Man I can't wait for that.

Monday afternoon quotes this afternoon.