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Monday Afternoon Quotes

Photo courtesy The Tennessean

This is becoming one of my favorite things about this blog.  When I started doing it I thought it would be fun because every week when the Titans got killed people were saying a lot of funny things.  Now it has become fun to hear the hope the Titans have for the immediate future.

Hentrich on the game:

"The Music City Miracle is really the only time that I've felt like this,'' said Hentrich.  "I don't know how you cannot call it a turning point win. To never lose sight of what we needed to do and to come back like we did, it is something special.''

Bo Scaife on VY:

"Rookies aren't supposed to do stuff like that, but that's Vince,'' said Scaife. "I remember when we were down 35-0 vs. Oklahoma State my senior year and he led us back to beat them."
"Vince is not a quitter, and nobody on this team is either.''

VY on the win:

"It's a sneak peek of what's going to happen, not just with me, but with this team in general,'' he said.  "It's a sneak peek of how our future can be if we just continue to play hard and keep working to get to the point we want to be.''

FB Ahmard Hall on the atmosphere yesterday:

"You could feel the energy,'' Hall said. "We believed.''

Brandon Jones on the game:

"When the light switch finally came on for us, everything changed,'' Jones said.
"Guys kept saying, 'This game ain't over. It's not over.' ... This is one of the greatest wins I've ever been a part of.''

Vanden Bosch on the team's effort:

"A lot of teams quit when they are down 21-0 in the second half, but we didn't. We kept fighting and we found a way to win,'' Vanden Bosch said. "You can't control a lot of things that happen in games, but heart and believing in each other, you can control that.  I can't say enough about how we hung in there together and did what we did.''

Giants coach Tom Coughlin on the severity of this loss:

"It's terrible shock to everybody in the organization, for everybody. There's no excuse. There's no nothing,'' Coughlin said. "We had that ball game well in hand and we didn't finish the game. ... We're going to be sick about this one forever.''

VY on Adam Jones:

"This guy is like an arcade game," said Young. "You see him on the punt return, when the guy is getting tackled and he turns around and he spins out and he makes a play."

Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz on Adam Jones:

"That was the big one, because we were in an all out blitz and they tried to take advantage of it and Pac took advantage of them," Schwartz said. "That was a huge, huge interception.  We're fairly early in that drive. If they can make a couple first downs and take some time off the clock, we don't have much of a chance in that game. We needed a quick three-and-out or a turnover and we got that one."

Chris Hope on Adam Jones:

"Pac has been playing excellent," free safety Chris Hope said. "Pac is going to be Pac. You can't change that until he wants to change that. I think with the way he's playing and the positive energy that he's getting from the players and coaches, he's going to really, really continue to try to do the right thing."

Robaire Smith on Adam:

"He could have easily laid down when everybody was getting up on him," Smith said.  "He took it as a challenge and he's showing what type of player he can be. Those two interceptions were huge. We wouldn't have had a shot without him."

Classy Giants RB Brandon Jacobs:

"It hurts, man," he said. "Any loss hurts, but this particular one to a team we should have beat the (expletive) out of -- this one hurts more."

"Because they suck," he said. "That's why."

Who sucks Brandon?

Rob Bironas:

"The one at the end of the half I obviously left outside, it was wide right," Bironas said. "The one at the end of the game I hit solid and clean ...
"(The Giants) gave me a timeout, I checked to make sure we had good footing and there were no divots along the way, picked out my spot. Good snap, good hold, good kick."
"That's what I get paid to do here."

Eli Manning on the play where Giants DE Mathias Kiwanuka had VY wrapped up and VY got away:

"He thought Vince went with his arm forward," Manning said. "He obviously didn't want to throw him into the ground and get a personal foul on fourth down. He was trying to play smart football and not get a penalty. It was a great play by Vince."

Kiwanuka on the same play:

"I thought he had thrown the ball," Kiwanuka said. "He started his passing motion as I put my head down to drive him to the ground and I had to make a decision. It was a critical decision in the game and obviously it lost it for us. I can tell you that if I'm put in that same situation again, I won't make that mistake."

Giants receiver Plexico Burress on Adam's first INT:

"I just thought the ball was over my head," Burress said. "I could have jumped over the guy's back and taken a penalty (for pass interference). That probably would have been a smarter thing to do. I didn't think he was going to make a play. I should have maybe just tackled him and taken a 15-yard penalty.  "It was just a bad decision on my part."

VY on the final TD pass:

"That was a great play he called and at the right time," Young said. "Bo Scaife ran a great route to get the free safety to bite down and Brandon Jones ran a great route so all I needed to do was get the ball to him."

Mawae on VY:

"Yeah, I knew coming in it would be a challenge because we are such a young team, but I also knew that we were going to bring in a young quarterback that would help spark this team, and Vince is that guy," Mawae said.
"I think Vince as well as everybody else on the team took a step in the right direction."

Olson on VY and the game:

"We used to have some comebacks like that back in the day with (Steve McNair) back there running around," he said. "Vince came out there and looked like old Mac out there making plays with his legs. Give him credit for making some huge runs. A bunch of guys made plays in that fourth quarter. Guys were just hanging in there and didn't give up ...
"I'd put it in the top five at least, we've had a lot of close games that we've won over the years, but this one is pretty impressive. It's right up there to be able to score 24 points in roughly 12 minutes."