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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Not really any Titans news this morning besides the fact that Keith Bulluck was fined $2,500 for throwing the ball in the stands on Sunday.  Bulluck had some nice things to say about the people who make those rules:

"These guys making all these rules... pretty soon it is going to be a pretty dry league, you know what I mean?" Bulluck said. "You can't do much of anything any more. Whoever makes these rules, they need to get with it."

The 2 games that are on this afternoon are pretty boring.  The first game features the 4-6 Dolphins @ the 2-8 Lions.  The second game features the 3-7 Bucs @ the 6-4 Cowboys.  The good thing for these networks is people have to watch football today or it wouldn't be Thanksgiving.

These best game of the day is tonight when the NFL Network makes its broadcasting debut with the 7-3 Broncos @ the 6-4 Chiefs.  It is a shame most of America won't get to see this game because they do not have the NFL Network.  I got the dish for just such occasions.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!