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Bye Bye Ben

It appears that Ben Troupe has a fractured ankle and will be out for the year.  As I mentioned yesterday, this is a tough deal for him as he is still trying to prove himself here.  He just hasn't been able to get in any kind of rhythm and this will only set that back even further.

There is not a lot of other news going on today.  There is an article in the City Paper about Adam Jones and his continued behavior problems.  That is just same song different verse.  Hopefully the Adam Jones situation will be dealt with in the offseason.

The only other piece of news surrounding the Titans is that rookie corner Cortland Finnegan's DUI case has been rescheduled for February.  The Titans keep the legal system funded.  Roger May, the Titans lawyer of choice, has a pretty sweet gig for himself.  I would love to take home his paycheck every month.