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Around the NFL

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We start out this edition of around the NFL with a look at the Power Rankings.  This week we will look at sources other than just ESPN to get a feel for how the media as a whole feels.  We will start with ESPN though:  

The Titans moved up to 25 from 29 last week.

Here is their top 5:

1.  Chargers
2.  Colts
3.  Bears
4.  Ravens
5.  Patriots

From CBS Sportsline:

The Titans moved the same as in ESPN from 29 to 25.

Top 5:

1.  Colts
2.  Bears
3.  Ravens
4.  Chargers
5.  Patriots

From Fox Sports:

The Titans moved to 25 from 30.

The top 5:

1.  Chargers
2.  Colts
3.  Bears
4.  Ravens
5.  Broncos


What are the people at CBS Sportsline smoking?  Having the Chargers at 4 is just crazy.  I think they are the best, most complete team in the NFL.  I can understand having the Colts at #1 because they have been solid all year and played realtively well in their loss.  I don't understand how you can have the Raiders and Bears in front of the Chargers though.  I would love to hear their reasoning.

I was mad to the Patriots still around the top 5 after that loss to the Colts until I realized who is behind them.  The next group of teams after the Chargers, Colts, Bears, Ravens, Patriots and Broncos consists of the Jaguars, Cowboys, Panthers and Chiefs.  All of those teams have been inconsistent at best and I think the Patriots are better than each of them.  Parity reigns.

The Titans, oddly enough, are in the exact same place in every poll.  I think the Titans could crack the top 20 with a win over the Giants on Sunday.

Fisher is currently coming in at 87% on ESPN's coach approval polls.  A win always jumps the approval rating.  Fisher finished at 70% last week after the loss to the Ravens.  70% is actually strong in a loss.

This page on CBS Sportsline is pretty interesting as it shows the trends of the Titans season.  It is always interesting to see what people in the national media have to say about the Titans.  The Titans are finally starting to get some respect around the nation as a team that is going to show up and play.  They are not the push over they were slated to be earlier in the season.