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Finnegan vs. Hill

There is a good debate going on today over at the Titans Online Message Board about if Finnegan should remain the starter when Reynaldo is healthy enough to go.  The person who started the thread posted a poll as to who should be the starter.  As I write this post all of the 68 people who have voted say Finnegan should be the starter.

Here are my thoughts (I posted these there as well): I am all for the idea that a player does not lose his job because of an injury.  If Hill were playing a good corner he should not lose that job just because he got hurt.  That is not the case.  Hill has not played very well at all this year.  Fisher did compliment him after the Jaguars game but that was only because the other corner was Woolfolk.

We are not exactly talking about Drew Bledsoe and Tom Brady here.  Bledsoe was a good QB when he went down and Brady stepped in and played really well.  I understand the argument for Bledsoe in that situation but like I said Hill was not playing well.  The Titans need to give Finnegan that shot so we can see if we can count on him going into the 2007 season.  The Titans do have plenty of cap money but it does need to be spent wisely.  If the Titans don't need a high price corner it would be good to know so the money can be spent elsewhere.  Moving on....

Ben Troupe suffered an ankle injury in Sunday's game that is apparently pretty serious.  It looks like he will miss the game against the Giants on Sunday.  That is a tough break for him and the Titans because he needed to step up down the stretch.  He has all the tools to be a big play guy but has not put it all together so far.  This injury will just put him further behind.

This afternoon we will look at some things around the NFL.