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Ahh Sweet Victory

Who saw that one coming?  The Titans made the big plays necessary yesterday in 31-13 win over the Eagles.  VY didn't look great but in the end he didn't have any turnovers.  There were a lot of passes that were off the mark and nearly taken the other way but none were.  VY seems to be making good decisions but having accuracy problems.  The knock on him coming out of school was he wasn't smart enough to figure out defenses in the NFL.  I don't see that as the problem for him at all.  His main problem seems to be his passes are often off the mark.  He was 8-22 yesterday.  He has got to improve on that in the long run for the Titans to once again be a playoff team.  I am not sure if the accuracy thing is easier to fix than not being able to read defenses.  I guess we will see as this season goes along and especially next season.

The thing that VY did well was run.  We finally got to see the reason we took him as the #3 pick.  He had a couple of huge first down runs.  One on an all out blitz from the Eagles and one on a designed QB run.  It was good to see him recognize the opening he had on the blitz and have the ability to get into the open field.  It was also good to see him get his yards and get out of bounds on both plays.

What can you say about Travis Henry?  Most Titans fans were pretty pleased when GM Floyd Reese pulled the trigger on the deal for Henry but were blasting Reese after the year Henry had last year.  It turns out that it was a huge deal for the Titans.  Henry stepped up this year when given his chance.  He has made Titans fans virtually forget all about Chris Brown.  Henry ended with 143 yards on 18 carries yesterday and 1 TD.  He had runs of 43 and 70 yards on the way to a huge day.  It will be interesting to see how the battle between he and LenDale White shakes out at the beginning of next year.

Adam Jones.  He frustrates me beyond words.  He gets tackled on a punt return early in the game and gets up kicking at people.  He returns a punt 90 yards for a TD and did a lot of that by himself.  Then, on the very next punt even, he gets a 15 yard penalty called against him.  You cannot question his ability.  He has the chance to score every single time he touches the ball from anywhere on the field.  It seems with Jones we are always going to have to take the bad with the good.  I don't understand why he can't get it.  He could be the most popular player on the team if he would just go out there and play football.  It is all of the other crap that he does that makes it hard to cheer for him.  If he continues to make plays I think the Titans should shop him in the offseason to see what they can get.  I know he is a game breaker but there are a lot of game breakers in the NFL that don't do all the bad things to their teams that Adam does to the Titans.

Unfortunately for the Eagles the injury McNabb suffered turns out to be a torn ACL and he is lost for the rest of the season.  McNabb is a class act and hopefully he will be able to come back at full strength for the beginning of next season.

As they say, a win is a win.  It might not have been pretty but it goes in the correct column.  We will have Monday afternoon quotes this afternoon.