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Titans @ Jags 5 questions

So unlike last week when I promised 5 questions but did not deliver, this week I never promised them but I am going to deliver.  Here are the 5 questions I asked Chris over at Big Cat Country with his answers.  Click on that link to see the questions he asked me with my answers.

1.  Who is the better QB for the Jags team, Leftwich or Garrard?

Byron, without a doubt.  Byron is a better quarterback.  Byron makes better adjustments, follows his progressions and makes the mental plays the Jags need to consistently win.  David is fleet of foot, but his tendency is to look at his number one WR and then take off with his feet.   It looks good to the fans but it's not the style of football that Jacksonville is built for.

2.  Did the Jags take Matt Jones to early last year?

Yet to be determined.  It takes three years to judge a draft class and I think Matt's gonna need another year to see if he was a reach or not.  His hamstring injury has really dampered what was to be his coming out party with Jimmy Smith being out of the picture.

3.  How big is the gap between the Colts and the Jags?

Depends on the week it seems.  Jacksonville was a mistake away from beating them earlier this season.  But, it was a silly mental mistake and the Colt's just don't make em.  I'd like to think that the Jags will overtake them this year, but regardless of when, the gap is getting tight.

4.  Is Maurice Jones Drew going to be the feature back of this franchise for years to come?

Yeah, you don't take kick returners and 3rd down backs in the second round.  MJ Drew is one of my favorite players both for his skills (better than Reggie Bush) and his charisma.  He'll be someone to watch.  My only concern is that his style of play is not conducive to a long career.

5.  How mad did it make Jags fans when Jeff Fisher called Alltel Stadium one of the Titans home fields?

Stung like hell, that's what it did.  Jeff and Jack have a way of sparring with each other.  Jeff sure knows how to rub 1999 in our face.  Of course, it's sort of unfair now, considering the state of the Titans to bring up the glory days and what the reality is now.

Sometimes all we have left our the glory days.  What is reality though?  How good are the Jaguars really?  I guess we shall soon see.