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Is There a Game This Week?

It has been hard to get any football news this week with all of the Spitman trash going on but now all of that should be behind us.  The Titans have another winnable game this week.  While I do think the Jags are better than the Titans I think this is a game that the Titans could sneak up and win.

Jones missing this game hurts the Titans a lot less than if he would have missed the Texans game.  Woolfolk will match up with Matt Jones or Reggie Williams this week which is a much more favorable matchup than either Andre Johnson or Eric Moulds of the Texans.  Woolfolk has struggled at corner but he seems to be a class act so I hope he can step up in what might be his last opportunity to do so as a Titan.

Jacksonville's offense is not that good.  They do have a solid rushing attack with Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones Drew but the passing attack is not very strong.  The Jaguars rank 7th in the league in rushing but 25th in the league in passing.  If the Titans can slow the run attack and make the Jags pass they might once again make Alltel Stadium a home field.

The Jags have still not announced who they are going to start at QB.  Personally, I hope it is Leftwich because he is a statue.  While he does have a better arm than Garrard, he cannot move in the pocket.  He is easier to defend than Garrard who could take off at any time.

The Jags do have a very tough defense.  The Titans will probably struggle to get much going.  This will be VY's first tough test in a month of tough tests.  The Titans face Jacksonville this week, the Ravens next week, the Eagles Nov. 19th and the Giants Nov. 26th.  These defenses rank 7th, 3rd, 16th and 14th respectively.

Stopping the run will be the #1 key to this game.  Making Jacksonville have to pass is the only way the Titans can win this game.  

Update [2006-11-2 16:22:53 by Jimmy]: The Jags announced today David Garrard will be the starter on Sunday.