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Keys to the Game


Keys to the game is going to be simple again this week.  The Titans have to establish the run on offense.  Eagles defensive co-ordinator Jim Johnson loves to blitz.  He will be sending people from the middle, the edges and maybe even the sidelines (hopefully he will because that would be a penalty).  If the Titans can have some success pounding Henry and White it will slow down these blitzes and give VY some time to throw.

Running will also help keep one of the highest powered offenses in the NFL off the field.  This is a tough match up for the Titans and controlling the time of possession is going to be key for the Titans to have a shot in this game.

Defensively the Titans have got to keep the big play from happening.  This Eagles team has had a lot of big plays this season and will have more now that Donte Stallworth has retuned.  The Titans cannot afford to have the mix ups in the secondary they had last week.  If they do Sunday will be a long day for Titans fans.

The Titans defense also has to get the ball carriers to the ground when they have the opportunity.  A missed tackle led to one of Baltimore's TDs last Sunday and against a back like Westbrook the Titans cannot afford to make the same mistake.