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Wednesday Morning

Not a whole lot to talk about this morning other than the return of Albert Haynesworth.  Here are some quotes from yesterday's press conference.

 Fisher on welcoming Haynesworth back.

"Albert is prepared to put this incident behind him, move forward and play this game with the respect and integrity in which it was designed to be played with,'' Fisher said.

"We are not going to treat him any differently from a football standpoint. What he has to do is he has a different set of circumstances that he is going to continue with outside the building.''

Haynesworth on forgiving himself:

"Because I am a father, and for a father to do something like that and for your kids to look up to you, I think that is very serious," Haynesworth said. "I am not going to forgive myself. I don't know what I have to do to forgive myself, but I have to do the right thing.

"It is a blessing when you get a second chance to come back and show my skills and show these guys why they drafted me in the first round. ... I have been watching (games) and it's been tough.''

"It was just a bad moment, maybe one of the worst moments of my life,'' he said. "It changed my life and it's something that will never happen again.''

Hopefully it won't happen again and if it does happen again he should be off the team.

Albert has quite a battle ahead of him as he will probably get cheap shots from opposing players trying to see if they can set him off again.  He is going to have to maintain his composure in a lot of tough situations if he wants a future in the NFL.  He is a really good to great player who could be in for a big contract after next season if he proves he has grown up.  If he gives in to his temper again it may be the last time he sees the field as an NFL player.  

Welcome back Albert!

Jeff Fisher got fined $12,500 for his comments about the refs after Sunday's games.  I guess they heard him in New York!!