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Haynesworth Back and Around the NFL

Jeff Fisher just announced, as expected, that Albert Haynesworth will rejoin the team tomorrow and that his playing time on Sunday will be determined based on how he performs on the practice field this week.

First we take a look at the weekly ESPN Power Rankings.  The dang Colts are still holding at #1 after they escaped against Buffalo on Sunday.  The Chargers moved up to #3 after there come from behind win against the Bengals.  I think the Chargers are the best team in the NFL.  They gave the Colts fits last year and hopefully they will do the same this year if the 2 meet in the playoffs.

The Titans remained at #29 after the close loss to the Ravens.  The Titans have 2 winnable games with teams that are close to them in the rankings (Buffalo at 27 and Houston at 28).  If the Titans can win both of those games they could end up in the top 25.  None of this really matters but it is kinda fun to talk about.

The Cardinals are still holding strong at #32.  I think they will hold that spot for the rest of the year.  Have fun back at ESPN Denny Green.

Speaking of Denny Green, his coach's approval rating is still holding strong at 14%.  That is brutal.

Fisher's rating is currently at 69% which is right around where it has been for most of the year.  If the kick at the end of the game doesn't get blocked Fisher's rating would be about 85%.

That picture is provided in case you needed proof that the block was not Bironas's fault.  Pryce might as well just have taken the ball from Hentrich.

There has been a lot of talk about Bobby Knight and an incident that happend last night.  Now I submit for your viewing pleasure some Bob Knight highlights.  My personal favorite is the game face one.