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David Givens We Hardly Knew Ye....

Givens has torn his ACL and is out for the year.  The Titans just do not have any luck with big name free agent receivers (see Yancey Thigpen and Carl Pickens).  Givens seems to be a stand up guy that works his butt off so hopefully he will be ready to go when the season starts next year.

The only other injuries from Sunday's game are Travis LaBoy (concussion), Reynaldo Hill (ankle) and Robaire Smith (ankle).  Fisher said he is the most concerned about LaBoy from this group which leads me to believe Hill and Smith will both be ready to go.  When Hill left the game on Sunday Finnegan moved outside to play his corner spot instead of Woolfolk.  I would love to see the Titans get Finnegan some more snaps out there because he is always around the ball when he plays the nickle back and on special teams.

It appears the Titans will welcome Haynesworth back to the team this week.  I am glad they have decided to do this.  He has done his time and he seems to be remorseful for what he did.  He should be on a very short leash though.  If he has even one more small outburst the Titans should cut him.  Hopefully that will not become an issue and he will be a key contributor to the team down the stretch.

One thing I failed to mention in my Titans becoming Vandy post was the fact Bobby Wade was back to return the final punt from the Ravens on Sunday.  It has been reported Adam Jones was seen sulking on the sidelines when Fisher told him of the decision.  This infuriates me.  If Spitman can't even catch punts what good is he to this team.  He is a decent corner who gives way to many distractions off the field.  It is sad that the guy who is one of the biggest playmakers on the team cannot be in there when it matters the most.  I hope Jones is not a member of this team next year.