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Monday Afternoon Quotes

Before the quotes 1 bit of news.  The game in Nashville has been moved to a 3:15 start because NBC picked up Indy and Philadelphia as their late game.  I am not 100% sure why this made the Titans game move but it did.

Benji Olsen on the similarities of this game and the playoff game in 2000:

"I hate to admit I had a big flashback, especially when I heard that thud from the field goal block,'' Benji Olson said. "I was like, no, not again. I can't believe this is happening again.''

McNair on the same topic:

"We were talking about it,'' McNair said. "It was so strange it's scary. But I am on the good side now.''

Bo Scaife on the loss:

"This hurts like hell,'' Bo Scaife said. "We scored 26 points in the first half and then didn't put up any points in the second half. We can't expect the defense to stop them every time; we have to help and we didn't. It hurts.''

Bironas on the blocked kick:

"We are trying to win a game by hitting a field goal and they are trying to win a game by blocking a field goal -- and they blocked a field goal," Bironas said. "The one I missed earlier I left outside, that was all me. I wish I could have it back but I can't. But I can't make them all either."

Bulluck on McNair coming home:

"We lost and no one is happy," Bulluck said. "But this wasn't us vs. Steve McNair. It was Baltimore Ravens offense vs. Tennessee Titans defense. Steve played a decent game. I have seen Steve play better.
"They came in here and won, and that is all that matters. That us vs. Steve McNair, I am sick of hearing about that. The only thing that matters is we lost.''

Samari Rolle on the Titans:

"Vince Young is going to be great once he gets some more experience," Rolle said. "But the thing you have to realize is all the players they've lost. I'm here. Mason's here. Steve's here. ...
"After awhile, it all adds up. The Titans play hard, but playing hard can only take you so far. You need players."

Fisher on the blown down by contact call:

"During the challenge they have to be able to, beyond a reasonable doubt, identify and establish recovery in the challenge," Fisher said. "That's why I lost the challenge. Now there is no way in the world I should have been challenging the play in the first place.
"That was a bad call by the umpire and that's what bothers me. We all saw it. Everybody saw it. The runner is upright and the ball came out. How you get down by contact, I have no idea. I hope they hear me in New York because that was field position and we lost by a point."

Scaife on the crazy TD flip:

"That was just straight freestyle. I saw him getting sacked, we exchanged eye contact, he kind of flipped it to me and no one was there," Scaife said. "It was a free run to the end zone You can't draw it up any better."

Derrick Mason on Adam Jones:

"Pacman's going to be good, but he just needs to concentrate on football and I told him that.  "He said, 'You're right.' He understood where I was coming from. I didn't say it in a malicious way.  "I hate to see someone who has his potential throw it away,'' Mason said. "I have seen people run themselves out of this league. He just needs to settle down off the field and calm down as a player and just go out there and concentrate on football.''