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Friday Debate

First I have an injury update on David Thornton.  He has a shoulder injury that is probably going to nag him for the rest of the season.  He is doing rehab but will probably play only on passing downs this Sunday.  Rookie Stephen Tulloch will again get the start at MLB.  David Givens should play this week.

I am a Chicago Cubs fan.  (stay with me to see why  this is relevant)  I was not a Dusty Baker fan.  There were many reasons for this but one of the main reasons was because he had his veteran players that he played day in and day out while younger guys sat the bench.  It didn't matter if the younger guy was better or not Baker played the vets.  (see Neifi Perez)  It was epecially frustrating when the team was not going to the playoffs and Dusty wouldn't see what the youung guys could do.  Letting the young guys play gives you an idea of what you need to go after in the free agent market.

Jeff Fisher is doing a similar thing currently with the Titans.  Why does he keep running Lamont Thompson out there when we have guys like Calvin Lowry and Vincent Fuller who might be able to play the position?  This team is not going to the playoffs and it would be beneficial to know if the Titans need to go after a safety in the offseason or if they currently have a guy on the roster to fill the spot.

I feel this about running back as well but not as strongly.  The reason I don't feel as strongly is because Thompson will not be a part of this team next year while Henry might because he has performed well.  Henry might have earned himself an offer for next year.  I do think the Titans should give LenDale White his shot though to see what he can do.  Let him carry the load in a couple of games.

The whole Thornton injury could prove some good because it is giving the coaching staff a chance to see what Stephen Tulluch can do.  He is a much cheaper option than current MLB Peter Sirmon.

Any thoughts?  

A deer got into a Target yesterday. I love it when he slides and then chases the guy down the aisle.